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Program Description

The Undergraduate Science Journal is a student-run academic journal featuring original research articles and review articles.
  • An excellent opportunity for undergraduates to present and publish research findings
  • Exposes undergraduates to the intricate UCLA research community
  • Provides a new venue for interaction between faculty and students
  • Provides an opportunity for students to learn about the publishing process
  • Sponsors the annual Research Poster Day event at UCLA

By participating on the USJ staff, students of all majors gain a unique understanding of the scientific peer review process. Staff members serve on either the review board, the editorial board, or the layout board. Review board members are responsible for peer review of all submitted manuscripts. The editorial board revises article grammar and syntax during the publication process, and the layout board manages journal aesthetic and artistic components.

The Undergraduate Science Journal accepts applications in the fall for all staff positions (review, editorial, and layout), as well as for the following executive board positions: Managing Editor of Review, Assistant Managing Editor of Research, and Assistant Managing Editor of Review.


2014 writers information:

Course Description: Honors Collegium 101B


  • 2 units, honors credit, P/NP
  • Winter Quarter
  • Spring Quarter credits are available to those on the layout team
  • Commitment of 2-3 hours per week (please note: will occassionally meet on a weekly one-hour basis as needed)
  • Course content includes: writing tutorials, ethics, and lectures on peer review and editing
  • InDesign, Photoshop, and Endnote
Only Staff members may enroll in HC101B. Grading is P/NP.

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