URSP Application Instructions

Previous Research Statement and Research Proposal Instructions:

Please compose your documents in advance using word or another word processing program, then cut and paste them into the appropriate text box in the survey/application.

DO NOT use symbols, Greek letters (α, β, γ, etc), italicized or boldface words in your online submitted abstract; the online submission system being used does not support them. Symbols and Greek letters will appear as empty boxes, italicized and boldface words will be formatted incorrectly.

Previous Research Statement:

  • Must be at least 100, but no more than 1575 characters (including spaces).
  • The Previous Research Statement should be a brief summary of your research experiences (SRP, 199, etc). Include the faculty mentor, quarter/year of your involvement and, if applicable, the course number.

Research Proposal

  • Must be at least 100, but no more than 3500 characters (including spaces and references, if necessary).
  • Describe your proposed research project. Please include an introduction, hypothesis, materials & methods and expected results.
    • The introduction should provide sufficient background information such that a scientifically literate reader can understand and appreciate the experiments to be described.
    • For the hypothesis, please describe the question you will be addressing or the hypothesis that your work will test.
    • In the materials and methods, briefly describe the tasks you will be performing includ`ing laboratory techniques you will be learning or applying to address your hypothesis. Share the kind of data will you be collecting (if applicable).
    • The expected results should explain the predicted outcomes based on your hypothesis and experimental methods.

Academic Plan Instructions:

The Academic Plan is a list of the classes you plan to take in your upcoming year(s). Please list the classes by quarter (Winter '16, Spring '16, and if applicable, Summer '16, Fall '16, Winter '17 and Spring '17). If you do not plan to take summer classes, please put "not enrolling." For each quarter, include the course name and units and tally the total units per quarter. Also, please include anticipated cumulative units expected upon graduation.