Undergraduate Research Fellows Program (URFP) Application Instructions for Online Submission


Applications are due November 15th and will be reviewed in December. Awardees will be notified by the first week of January.

The URFP is a scholarship supporting students doing research for Winter and Spring. URFP recipients can receive a fellowship of up to $2,000.  If selected as a URFP Scholar, you are required to:

  • Enroll in Course 99 Student Research Program and/or 199/198/196 Departmental Research units for both Winter and Spring Quarters.
  • Enroll in HC 101A, the Student Research Forum, for Winter Quarter.
  • Submit a brief summary of your research at the end of the Spring quarter, or present your research at Science Poster Day in May.
  • All program participants must complete necessary lab training courses prior to beginning work in research labs. The "Laboratory Safety Fundamental Concepts" class is required for all students, volunteers, and staff in laboratories. Please see the EH&S training schedule for class dates and enrollment instructions.

You must have a Faculty Mentor that is listed in the SRP database. Please CHECK FIRST. You can find this out by trying to create a contract for SRP and looking to see if the faculty is listed. If he/she is not in the database, you need to submit a Faculty Participation form.

Also required:

  • 2.5 GPA or higher
  • U.S. Citizen , Permanent Resident, or AB540 student
  • While financial need is not required, some awards are for students with established financial need.

The URFP scholarship will be part of your overall financial aid package; the Financial Aid office will adjust your financial aid package to ensure that you do not exceed your financial need. For more information, please contact the financial aid office directly.

The Application has two parts:

  1. Research proposal (7000 character limit including spaces) 
  2. Personal statement (3500 character limit including spaces)

*Please note for both parts: The on-line form does not support italics, bold or Greek symbols. You cannot submit any figures or other files. TEXT ONLY 


Part 1: Research Proposal


You are required to submit a brief proposal (no more than 7000 characters (including spaces); ~ 2 pages single-spaced) describing your research project for the next two quarters. Proposals are reviewed by a committee and are a very important part of your application. Please address the following when writing your research proposal:

  1. Introduction: Describe in general (and without using jargon) what is known in your particular field of research.  Include the overall goals of your lab.
  2. Project Proposal:
       a. Describe the question or hypothesis that you will address.
       b. Describe your experimental design/methods. Be sure to explain how they            will be used to address your question or hypothesis.
       c. Describe what data you will collect and how it will answer your question or          hypothesis.
  3. Explain how your research findings will fit into the research of your lab, and also the bigger picture of your field.
  4. Briefly describe why you chose this particular research project and why this particular topic or field interests you.

Part 2:  Personal Statement


You are required to submit a personal statement. This statement is an important part of your application package. It will allow the review committee to get a feel for you as a person as well as a student. This essay is meant to place your academic record into the context of your opportunities and obstacles.

Your personal statement should briefly describe (no more than 3500 characters, including spaces; ~ 1 page single-spaced) how you think receiving the Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program Scholarship will impact your short and long term goals. Please also describe your long term goals. If there are any special circumstances (i.e. personal, academic, financial hardships) which you feel are relevant to your application, please let us know.

The URFP website is


If you have problems submitting this application, contact:

Renay Panduro  
Program Representative-URFP