Dr. Nadia Sellami

Dr. Sellami earned her M.S. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology with second major in Human Genetics from the University of Kiel, Germany, and her Ph.D. in Biological Chemistry from UCLA. During her M.S. thesis, she studied the role of DNA methylation in Hodgkin Lymphoma. Her Ph.D. research focused on the role of DNA replication and repair pathways in the generation and maintenance of stem cells.

After graduate school, Dr. Sellami worked as a management consultant advising biotech companies on strategy and marketing.

Following her passion for education and the sciences, she returned to UCLA as a discipline based education research postdoc and lecturer. As part of this position, Dr. Sellami implemented and conducted research on teaching methods such as active learning modules and flipped classrooms and helped other faculty adopt those methods into their instruction as well. She was also the co-founder of the Learning Assistant program in the Life Sciences, involving and training undergraduates in science education.

Dr. Sellami has now joined the URC-Sciences as Assistant Director, and coordinates and assesses the PEERS and SMC/UCLA SRI programs.