Student Research Program/SRP-99

UCLA's Student Research Program (SRP) assists undergraduates in becoming part of the larger university research community. SRP-99 is an entry-level independent research course, particularly suited to lower-division and first-quarter transfer students, and allows undergraduates to earn academic credit for the research they engage in under the direction of a UCLA
 faculty mentor.

SRP was founded in 1985 with 90 students and 150 faculty participating each quarter. To date, more than 10,000 students have participated in SRP. Approximately 80% of the students assist with research in the School of Medicine and in the Life and Physical Sciences, and approximately 20% in the Social Sciences, the Humanities, the School of the Arts, and the other Professional Schools.

SRP (Course 99)
Students receive 1 unit of lower division credit for 3-5 hours of work per week or 2 units for 6-10 hours of work per week. Students in the College of Letters and Science may enroll in up to 10 units of SRP-99 credit throughout their undergraduate career. However, only 6 units will count towards the 180-unit graduation requirement. Students who have completed 6 units of SRP-99 may enroll in an additional 4 units without credit applied toward their degree. Each student can only submit one SRP-99 contract per quarter.

For Summer 6-week sessions: 5-8 hours of work per week is the equivalent of 1 unit. For 2 units, 10-16 hours of work per week.

  • Must be in good academic standing.
  • Must be enrolled in at least 12 units with full-time status, with the exception of Summer quarter.
  • If enrolled in over 19 units (including SRP), you will need to submit a petition to your counseling unit to go over your unit max. This petition must be approved before your contract is submitted.
  • Lab Safety Requirement: Contracts have been updated to make it easier to determine if a student needs to attach LSFC to the course contract.   If required, students will see a new section below the faculty mentor information entitled “Safety Training” with a bolded statement that reads: “Proof of Completion of the Laboratory Safety Fundamental Concepts (LSFC) course is required for participation in research with this mentor.” Students who do not need to complete safety training will not have this statement appear. If required, students must attach Proof of Completion with their Course Contract upon submission. This online training course is accessible through Worksafe
  • Students in Clinical Research: It is imperative that UCLA SRP 99/199 students in clinical research settings receive clearance before they can be enrolled in SRP 99. Anyone accessing any of the following will need to be processed: Identifiable data or clinical data (i.e. patient information, test subject information, etc.); human Test subjects (study participants) or patients; clinical areas: clinics, hospitals, patient care areas. For more information about how to be processed, please contact Lily Zhang at  or
  • Please contact us if you have questions about eligibility requirements. 
Students are enrolled in SRP-99 only after submitting their faculty-signed contracts to the Undergraduate Research Center - Sciences by the quarterly deadline, with the required hardcopy Certificat
e of Completion for Lab Safety Fundamental Concepts if required. All SRP-99 contracts are due at Friday 5pm of Week 2 for each quarter. 

Note: For Summer Sessions, students may only enroll in SRP units for one session (6-weeek Session A, 10-week Session A or 6-week Session C). Deadlines for SRP contracts are 5 p.m. of second week for each session.

SRP-99 is a Pass/No Pass course. At the end of the quarter, the faculty mentor certifies that the contract has been completed and submits a grade. Grades are submitted by the faculty mentor within the last week of the quarter after final exams. Students are not required to complete an evaluation or assignment at the end of the SRP course. Completing an evaluation form for the course is optional.

The student's transcript will read as follows:

Course 99 - Student Research

The number of units listed on the transcript is set by the SRP contract (see above) and the research area is selected by the student after conferring with the faculty mentor.

For more information about how to get into STEM research and how to enroll in SRP-99, visit an SRP Workshop held throughout the quarter. 

Please also visit the
SRP Frequently Asked Questions page!

For more information and questions, please contact:

Undergraduate Research Center - Sciences