Submission Guidelines

  • URC-Sciences will only accept hardcopy, signed contracts. Emailed or faxed copies will not be accepted under any circumstances. No exceptions. 
  • You must submit the proof of completion for Lab Safety Training for every SRP contract you submit, even if you submitted proof of completion for a previous quarter and your training is still valid. 
  • Contracts are due 5pm of the Friday of Week 2 of each quarter. Contracts will not be accepted after 5pm. 


Important SRP Dates

  • Fall 2018 SRP Contract Deadline: 5pm, Friday, October 12, 2018

Please fill out this form to be added to the SRP workshop email list to receive updates about future SRP workshops.

Notice of Change

Contracts have been updated to make it easier to determine which students need to attach LSFC to the contract.   If required, they will see a new section below the faculty mentor information entitled “Safety Training” with a bolded statement that reads: “Proof of Completion of the Laboratory Safety Fundamental Concepts (LSFC) course is required for participation in research with this mentor.” Students who do not need to complete safety training will not have this statement appear. 

PLEASE NOTE: All SRP contracts MUST include your certificate of completion for the Lab Safety Fundamental Concepts course. URC will not accept contracts without this certificate so register for training courses early to avoid delays in your enrollment.


Students in Clinical Research

It is imperative that UCLA SRP 99/199 students in clinical research settings receive clearance before they can be enrolled in SRP 99. Anyone accessing any of the following will need to be processed:

  • Identifiable data or clinical data (i.e. patient information, test subject information, etc.)
  • Human Test subjects (study participants) or patients
  • Clinical areas: clinics, hospitals, patient care areas

For more information about how to be processed, please contact Lily Zhang at  or