Creating an SRP contract

Do not fill out the contract until you have a faculty mentor that has agreed to accept you into his/her lab.

  • Late contracts will NOT be accepted
  • Contracts stating an LSFC must be attached when submitted will NOT be accepted if it is submitted WITHOUT proof of completion for the Lab Safety Fundamentals Course
  • Contracts without a signature from the faculty mentor sponsoring the contract will NOT be accepted
  • Contracts signed after the deadline will NOT be accepted
  • Contracts with less than 3 sentences describing the research plan will NOT be accepted
  • *Note for Engineering Students: Counseling approval is no longer required for engineering students (as of Spring 2016).

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SRP Contract Instructions
  • Go to:
  • Login
  • Click on Contract Courses, which is under the Classes tab.
  • Under 'My Contract Courses' click on 'Submit a new contract'
  • Select year and term
  • Choose 'Student Research Program (SRP) (99)'
  • Select the 'Subject Area' for your SRP. (The 'Subject Area' is the same as your faculty mentor's department.)
  • Choose faculty mentor and select number of units
  • In the 'My Research Plan' organize your paragraph according to the following sentence structure:
    1. Introductory sentence providing background.
    2. Sentence clearly stating the hypothesis of the project.
    3. Sentence describing the methods/techniques you will use to test your hypothesis.
    4. What do you expect your data to show relative to your hypothesis?
    5. What will be the significance of your results?
    'My Research Plan' example:Infection with the STD Chlamydia results in upregulation of cytokines, proteins that are important for immune responses. I hypothesize that tissues taken from Chlamydia-infected mice will have higher levels of the inflammatory cytokines TNF-a and IL-6. To test this, I will measure TNF-a and IL-6 levels in homogenized tissues of control and Chlamydia-infected mouse genital tracts by ELISA. These data will provide insights into the mechanism whereby animals can naturally fight Chlamydia-infection
  • Print contract
  • Verify if completion of Laboartory Safety Fundamental Concepts Course is necessary.  Contracts will read "Proof of Completion of the Laboartory Safety Fundamental Concepts (LSFC) Course is required for participation in research with this mentor"
  • Have your faculty mentor sign it
  • Attach proof of successful completion of Laboratory Safety Fundamentals Concepts course, if applicable (LSFCs certificate or UCLA Worksafe-transcript print out) to your SRP 99 contract
  • SRP contracts are due Friday of 2nd week at 5pm to 2121 Life Sciences Building.


Obtaining LSFC Proof of Completion 

  • Go to and log in to access your training history.
  • Click on “My Transcript” from the left side menu.
  • Click on the print icon at the top of the page.
  • Attach printed page to SRP 99 contract.
  • Submit completed contract packet to URC‐Sciences office at LS 2121 before deadline.