RESEARCH POSTER DAY - Abstract Guidelines

The Abstract Submission Deadline is April 15, 2018 (11:59pm)

The Application has three parts:
  • Abstract Title (200 characters limit including spaces)
  • List of Authors
  • Abstract (1550 characters limit including spaces)

To submit your abstract for Research Poster Day 2018:

Log onto myUCLA and click on the "survey" link (under Campus Life)

  • Select the "Research Poster Day Application" link


1. There can be no more than FOUR UNDERGRADUATE "presenters" (including you) for every ORIGINAL abstract submitted; the same abstract CANNOT be submitted multiple times.

2. Abstracts/Posters with multiple "first-author (presenters)" CANNOT be judged for the Dean's Prize.

Abstract Title Instructions

The title should clearly indicate the nature of the study. In no more than 200 characters (~30 words, including spaces) describe your research in succinct terms, reflecting the contents of your abstract. Use key words, and do not use abbreviations and chemical formulas.

For all words - Capitalize the First Letter. Do not capitalize article words such as "a" "the" "and" "of" (Unless the article is the first word of the title)


Targeted and Highly Multiplexed Determination of Methylation Status in Various Cancer Cell Types


Targeted and highly multiplexed determination of methylation status in various cancer cell types



Author List Instructions

Provide the name of the authors indicating the "presenting" author by writing the name in ALL CAPITALS.

Please note:

If there will be more than one author presenting, ALL "presenting" author names must be written in ALL CAPITALS.

The Faculty Mentor should be listed as the last author. DO NOT include titles or degrees; Dr., Ph.D., M.D., etc.

Please note:

An "and" MUST precede the faculty mentor


JOE U. BRUIN, William J. Clinton, and Barack H. Obama


Joe Bruin, Bill Clinton, Barry Obama


Joe U. Bruin, Bill Clinton, Dr. Howard Dean, Charles E. Young, Ph.D.

Abstract Body Instructions

Must be at least 100, but no more than 1550 characters (~225 words)

The abstract must include introductory/background information, as well as the methods employed and results obtained. Conclude the abstract by stating the significance of the research conducted.

DO NOT use symbols, Greek letters (a, ß, µ, etc), italicized or boldface words; the online submission system being used does not support them. Symbols and Greek letters will appear as empty boxes, italicized and boldface words will be formatted incorrectly.

TEXT ONLY ; you cannot submit any figures or other files.


As a loading control, beta actin was used.


As a loading control, ß-actin was used.

NOTE: For abstracts that will include a demonstration, please be sure to check the appropriate box on the abstract survey. Failure to do so may jeopardize your opportunity to have your demonstration included in Research Poster Day.


For questions about Undergraduate Research Week, please contact:
Undergraduate Research Center-Sciences
2121 LSB
Tel: 310.794.4227