The UCLA Program for Excellence in Education and Research in the Sciences (PEERS) is an intensive program committed to promoting academic excellence and professional development for students dedicated to careers in the life or physical sciences or mathematics. The primary objective of the program is to increase the number of students who develop a strong foundation in the sciences and make teaching and/or research a part of their life's work.

PEERS offers:
PEERS is a 2 year program for the freshmen and sophomore years.

NOTE: Applications are accepted only from incoming freshmen during the summer prior to their freshmen year.

For more information about PEERS: download our BROCHURE.

Click HERE to watch a video interview of PEERS Academic Director, Dr. Tama Hasson, and Life Sciences Core Education's Dr. Gaston Pfluegl, who offer advice to incoming STEM majors!

Congratulations to Dr. Paul Barber, PEERS Director and Associate Professor in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology for his feature article on the UCLA homepage! Click HERE for more information.

PEERS is supported in part by a Howard Hughes Medical Institute grant through the Undergraduate Biological Sciences Education Program to the University of California, Los Angeles. Additional funding is provided by the NSF through the California Alliance for Minority Participation Program and the STEP-UP program, as well as the NIH's Initiative for Maximizing Student Diversity (IMSD). PEERS is co-sponsored by the Departments of Mathematics, Chemistry & Biochemistry, and Physics, the Division of Life Sciences, the Undergraduate Research Center - Sciences, and the Academic Advancement Program (AAP).

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