Remembering Christian Guzman

Christian Guzman, seated, and other members of the Fall 2011 class at Science Poster Day 2012

In summer and fall 2011, the PEERS staff and incoming freshmen were lucky to meet Christian Guzman. Amongst 80+ other freshmen, Christian made himself known as one of the few physics majors. Moreover, like his fellow PEERS students, Christian had also loved science and had persevered through significant challenges in his life.

Christian was passionate about science because he viewed science as a world of possibilities. Although his muscular dystrophy kept him firmly on the ground, he was fascinated by space and the amazing discoveries waiting to be made there.

Christian participated in the Biomedical Science Enrichment Program and once again wowed the staff who got to know him.

Sadly, Christian passed away on February 1, 2015 in his sleep during a senior trip with other members of the Posse Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization that links students together to ensure success in college. He was a few months shy of his graduation.

His passing deeply shocked and saddened PEERS staff and students. In his brief life, Christian experienced challenges that most of us will never face. He met those with dignity, determination, and humor. We never saw him without a big smile on his face. Christian once said, "I aspire to help others to achieve their goals and dreams by being an example that perseverance does pay off." He was truly an inspiration and will be deeply missed.

Christian's family and friends gathered to remember him at a vigil on campus and remembered his role as a member of the Posse Foundation.

We miss you Christian!

With great sadness,
Dr. Paul Barber and the PEERS community