How to become a Faculty Mentor for SRP

SRP Faculty Participation Form

If you would like to be an SRP faculty mentor please fill out this form online or fax it back to the URC-Sciences office 310.267.2219.

SRP mentors must hold a tenure track (or similar) position. They can not be postdocs, graduate students, or staff research associates.

Create a Bruin OnLine Account

If you do not currently have a Bruin OnLine account please access the information on how to create an account here.

If you already have an account and you've forgotten your password, please go to 124 Kerckhoff Hall to have it reset. For more information on BOL accounts, please call 310.825.7452

Post SRP Research Positions

Each quarter students are looking for faculty to do research with. If you are an SRP mentor and would would like to post a research position on our website please fill out this template. Please update the quarters as appropriate.

Once you're done send it back as an attachment to

Faculty can have up to 10 SRP students each quarter. If a faculty member involves more than 10 students in his/her research, some students should contact their major department about enrolling in 199 units in place of SRP and/or some students can be involved in the research as volunteers (not receive credit).