Clare Boothe Luce Undergraduate Research Program


We are currently not accepting applications for this program. 


*Please note that the URFP and Clare Booth Luce use the same application*  

Applicants who are not accepted into Clare Booth Luce and are eligible for URFP will automatically be considered for the URFP program. The URFP program participation requirements and eligibility DO NOT apply to Clare Boothe Luce Scholar applicants.

The Clare Boothe Luce URP scholarship will be part of your overall financial aid package; the Financial Aid office will adjust your financial aid package to ensure that you do not exceed your financial need. For more information, please contact the financial aid office directly. 

To accesst the online applications: 
1. Log on to MyUCLA
2. Click on the "Campus Life" Tab
3. Select Survey under "Surveys and Notices"
4. The application can be accessed using Undergraduate Research Fellows Program (URFP) Life and Physical Sciences, Engineering, and Math or Clare Booth Luce
Please Note: The online form does not support italics, bold, or Greek symbols.  You cannot submit any figures of other files.  TEXT ONLY

The Application has two parts:
1. Research proposal (7000 characters limit including spaces)

2. Personal statement (3500 characters limit including spaces)

Research Proposal Instructions
You are required to submit a brief proposal (no more than 7000 characters (including spaces); ~ 2 pages single-spaced) describing your research project for the next two quarters. Proposals are reviewed by a committee and are a very important part of your application. Please address the following when writing your research proposal:

1. Introduction: Describe in general (and without using jargon) what is known in your particular field of research. Include the overall goals of your lab.

2. Project Proposal:
   a. Describe the question or hypothesis that you will address.
   b. Describe your experimental design methods. Be sure to explain how they will be              used to address your question or hypothesis.
   c. Describe what data you will collect and how it will answer your question or                       hypothesis.

3. Explain how your research findings will fit into the research of your lab, and also the bigger picture of your field.

4. Briefly describe why you chose this particular research project and why this particular topic or field interests you.

Personal Statement Instructions
You are required to submit a personal statement. This statement is an important part of your application package. It will allow the review committee to get a feel for you as a person as well as a student. This essay is meant to place your academic record into the context of your opportunities and obstacles.

Your personal statement should briefly describe (no more than 3500 characters, including spaces; ~ 1 page single-spaced) how you think receiving the Clare Booth Luce URP will impact your short and long term goals. Please also describe your long term goals. If there are any special circumstances (i.e. personal, academic, financial hardships) which you feel are relevant to your application, please let us know.

Please note: It takes a few seconds to load the page where you will be inputting your Research Proposal and Personal Statement. Please be patient.

If you have problems submitting this application, contact: