Applying to Graduate School and Graduate Fellowships

General Information

Graduate School Information

Graduate Research Fellowships- that you can apply to an an undergraduate

The Ford Foundation Fellowship

The Hertz Foundation Applied Science Fellowship

The National Physical Science Consortium

GEM Foundation


Other Funding Opportunity Databases

Community of Science (COS)
Illinois Researcher Information Service (IRIS), and
Sponsored Programs Information Network (SPIN)
databases contain thousands of federal and non-federal funding opportunities. COS, IRIS, and SPIN are services by subscription, and therefore only available to the UCLA community. Access is FREE for those using a UCLA public terminal or Bruin OnLine.

NASA's Student On-Line Application for Recruiting (SOLAR)
system offers a comprehensive and seachable database of internships and fellowshis at NASA facilities.


Fellowship Directories

The following directories of extramural support can be found at most university libraries:

Annual Register of Grant Support
Directory of Financial Aids for Women
Financial Aid for African Americans
Financial Aid for Asian Americans
Financial Aid for Hispanic Americans
Financial Aid for Native Americans
Financial Aid for the Disabled and Their Families
Financial Aid for Veterans, Military Personnel, and Their Families
Funding for Persons with Visual Impairments
Funding for United States Study
Money for Graduate Students in the Arts & Humanities
Money for Graduate Students in the Biological Sciences
Money for Graduate Students in the Health Sciences
Money for Graduate Students in the Physical Sciences
Money for Graduate Students in Social Sciences