Grand Challenges Undergraduate Research Scholars Program (GCURSP)

GC-URSP 2016 Participants


 GC-URSP First Cohort



Grand Challenges Undergraduate Research Scholars Program (GC-URSP) combines a year-long sequence of courses – Env 188b – with an individual research experience related to "Sustainable LA Grand Challenge”. Students will experience hands-on research and be engaged in leadership development.  Program outcomes are directly related to how students experience research:

  • As a member of a Sustainable LA Grand Challenge faculty member’s lab
  • As a leader of a mentored individual research project
  • As a class member working on an interdisciplinary group project

Throughout the year, we will address why multiple perspectives are critical to achieving goals of the Sustainable LA Grand Challenge. Students will understand the challenges and benefits of working on an interdisciplinary team by going through the process of implementing an action plan to change an environmental behavior of their choosing. Guest speakers and faculty from across campus will expose students to the many areas of research in sustainability, a variety of strategies used to solve complex problems and the careers associated with achieving social and economic change related to sustainability.  Throughout the course students will be expected to problem solve collaboratively, effectively communicate the research and critically think about solutions.

Nearly 30 Sustainable LA faculty have agreed to take 1-2 students in their research settings for GC-URSP. If you do not know which faculty you wish to work with, you will be placed in a research setting based on your stated interests from your application. 





To enroll in GC-URSP, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be able to commit to a year-long class and research experience
  • Be a UCLA undergraduate (all majors are welcome)
  • Have a minimum 2.7 GPA

Students who will be 2nd years during the 2018 - 2019 Academic Year will be given preference in the application process, but we invite all interested students to apply.

 The application is currently closed and will reopen Spring 2018.


Click here for more information and a list of FAQ's on Grand Challenges.

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