California Alliance for Minority Participation Conference - CAMP

Pictured (left to right): 1st row: Ely Contreras, Danielle Perez, Rana Besada, Rachel Lopez, Dr. Diana Azurdia, Roberto Chavez
2nd row: London Tran, Dr. Jorge Torres, Dr. Tama Hasson
3rd row: Maltish Lorenzo, Tonatiuh Montoya, Abdiasis Hussein, Brandon Matthews
Top Row: Dr. Richard Weiss

Conference Description

CAMP (The Louis Stokes California Alliance for Minority Participation) is a prime University of California initiative to diversify the student population and the future faculty, supported in part by a grant from the National Science Foundation. CAMP represents a system-wide community of UC faculty, program staff, and students working toward a set of shared goals, including not only B.S. degree completion but continuation on to graduate school, completion of the Ph.D., and entry into academic and professional careers in science and engineering. The primary goal of the nine UC campus partners (Berkeley, Davis, Irvine, Los Angeles, Merced, Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz, San Diego and Riverside) is to significantly increase the number of B.S. degrees granted to underrepresented minority students in STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) majors at the University of California and to prepare these students competitively for the nation's top graduate schools. This collective effort has contributed to a 84% increase in B.S. degrees granted by UC from the baseline year (1990-91), for a total of 12,396 bachelor's degrees awarded to date to underrepresented minorities by UC (as of 2006). CAMP emphasizes the importance of faculty mentored research experiences, collaborative learning experiences, presentation at research conferences and preparation for advanced degrees

CAMP 2014 UCLA Award Winners:

Brandon Matthews
Best Poster in Physical Sciences

CAMP 2014 Honorable Mentions:

Rachel Lopez (Life Sciences)

Danielle Perez (Life Sciences)

Olivia Irving (Physical Sciences)