UCLA 2016 Research Poster Day - Dean's Prize Winners

Starting in 2016, UCLA has begun hosting Research Poster Day.  A part of Undergraduate Research Week, Research Poster Day includes a competition where up to 90 seniors who are participating in science or engineering research are judged by faculty to identify the students who exemplify excellence in presentation of their faculty-mentored research. These students are awarded a Dean's Prize Medal of Excellence by the Dean and Vice Provost of Undergraduate Education.

Below is a PDF roster of the 2016 Research Poster Day Dean's Prize winners. For previous year's winners, please see the archived profiles link at the bottom of the page.


Roster of 2016 Research Poster Day Science Dean's Prize Award Recipients

  Undergraduate Research Week Award Winners - Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences




Jimmy Zheng
Hang Yin Wong
Katie Villabroza
Nhu Uong
Joyce Tran
Gary Shmorgon
Anna Shirazyan
Scott Shepard
Joshua Sadik
Jonathan Sadik
Lara Roach
Nicholas Rice
Lauren Phinney
Stephanie Ong
Amanda Olivas
Andrew Nguyen
Shadi Nemanpour
Vishaka Muhunthan
Nancy Morones
Avinash Malaviya
Yu-Lun Liang
Victoria Lee
Kevin Lee
Iris Kong
Min Woo Kim
Hee Jong Kim
Umara Khalique
Talia Kamdjou
Emily Janio
Jessica Hsueh
Matthew Hammer
Shadia Hamideh
Anoop Galivanche
Wakana Fujiwara
Arbor Dykema
Kelly Darmawan
Noelle Daly
Mary Clark
Bernadette Chua
Amylynn Chen
Sonal Chaudhari
Allan Brik Laufer
Elyse Berlinberg
Daniel Azzam
Ryan Atlasi
Tasha Aboufadel