UCLA 2017 Research Poster Day - Dean's Prize Winners

Starting in 2016, UCLA has begun hosting Research Poster Day.  A part of Undergraduate Research Week, Research Poster Day includes a competition where up to 90 seniors who are participating in science or engineering research are judged by faculty to identify the students who exemplify excellence in presentation of their faculty-mentored research. These students are awarded a Dean's Prize Medal of Excellence by the Dean and Vice Provost of Undergraduate Education.

Below is a PDF roster of the 2017 Research Poster Day Dean's Prize winners. For previous year's winners, please see the archived profiles link at the bottom of the page.

Roster of 2017 Research Poster Day Science Dean's Prize Award Recipients 

Undergraduate Research Week Award Winners - Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences




Zoe Zhu
Yihao Yang
Chloe Wu
Bradley Uyemura
Karen Tolentino
Alexandra Stream
Elizabeth Soehalim
Lisa Situ
Azin Saebi
Felicitas Ruiz
Sara Rashidi
Agnes Premkumar
Brandon Pham
Ariel Pezner
Lillian Peng
Robert Nguyen
Jose Mazzitelli
Lambda (Dongyi) Lu
Francia Lopez
Se-Young Lee
Ryan Lam
William Jones
Ruth Johnson
Suying Jin
Mindy Huynh
Rose Graf
Jay Gopal
Selena Gonzalez
Page Goddard
Carolina Fuentes Martinez
Kevin Donohue
William Crosson
Alex Chan
Anthony Buzzanco
Kaitlyn Bunn
Yash Bhagat
Luke Batty
Rio Barrere-Cain
Denise Allen
Tara Aitken
Kunal Aggarwal
Mai Abdusamad