Program Description

CityLab UCLA is a high school science educational program run by UCLA undergraduate students. Our goal is to introduce high school students in the Los Angeles area to the rapidly developing world of biotechnology though "hands on" laboratory experience.

We expose high school students to inquiry-based learning, the scientific process, and critical thinking. We aim to foster an appreciation of and interest in scientific research, while educating students about different career options in science. UCLA students participate in the program as undergraduate assistants - teaching host high school students in a laboratory setting.

Course Description

UCLA undergraduate students participating in CityLab as undergraduates assistants have the option of enrolling in two units (letter grade) of MCDB 192B or participating in the program without formal enrollment. If you choose to enroll in MCDB 192B, the grade received counts toward your cumulative GPA but does not satisfy any upper division course requirement. Repeat enrollment is allowed for one additional quarter (2 quarters of MCDB 192B is the maximum).


Sophomore standing or higher and completion of (or concurrent enrollment in) LS3


Letter grade only, based on timely attendance and session performance. Note: Each session missed will result in the reduction of one full letter grade.

Course Requirements
  • Attend one training session at the beginning of each term in YHS 3337
  • Attend all 4 high school Saturday sessions from 9:30 - 3:30
  • Write a one page journal entry after each session to be turned in five days after the session
  • Attend one Friday set-up to prepare for the following day's session
Contact information:
CityLab UCLA
2103 Life Sciences Building

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