2019 NIH Biomedical Science Enrichment Program (BISEP) 



  • Spring 2019
  • Summer 2019 applications can be accessed here.


  • Summer Session C - 6 Weeks


The NIH Biomedical Science Enrichment Program (BISEP) prepares students for upper division science coursework and undergraduate research. The program consists of a biotechnology lecture and laboratory, journal clubs on reading and writing scientific literature, career development workshops and seminars, group/lab meetings, laboratory visits, and career guidance. Seminars and workshop topics include, but are not limited to, undergraduate and graduate/professional program panels, career opportunities in the biomedical sciences, and applying to research programs. Upon completion of BISEP, participants will be prepared to conduct faculty-mentored undergraduate research. Program activities are specifically designed to support and to encourage students who intend to pursue research careers in the biomedical sciences. 

This program is funded by a grant from the National Institutes of Health to increase the numbers of underrepresented students pursuing research-based careers:

  • Latino/a, Chicano/a
  • African American
  • Native American
  • Native Alaskan
  • Native Pacific Islander (Micronesia, Polynesia)


  • UCLA students entering their sophomore year, or transfer students entering their first year
  • Life Science, Chemistry, or Biochemistry majors preferred, not required
  • Students interested in pursuing a graduate or dual degrees (Masters, Ph.D., or MD/Ph.D.) preferred, not required


  • Complete the full 6-week program during Summer Session C. The expectations of the program are substatial and require full-time committment. Participants cannot enroll in any academic courses during Session C. 
  • All participants must complete lab safety courses prior to the start of the program. The "Laboratory Safety Fundamental Concepts" class is required for all students, volunteers, and staff in laboratories. Please see the EH&S training schedule for class dates and enrollment instructions.
  • Participate in all activities, both formal and informal
  • Present and complete the program evaluation at the end of the program.


6-week summer parking permits can be purchased from UCLA Parking Services, and will be available in late April/early May on a first-come, first-served basis. Housing is not provided for participants in this program. However, many sublet opportunities are available each summer at apartments in Westwood (see the Daily Bruin Sublet Guide spring quarter for details.)


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Alec Hernandez
BISEP Program Representative